Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Family?

That’s right… how far would you go to protect your family from harm and theft?

Pretty much everybody would put locks on all of their windows and doors. Those devices help keep out intruders who might steal your belongings or worse, harm you and your family. Many also install alarms and alarm systems to enhance their security and to alert them if a fire should break out. Some people put bars over their windows to further thwart prowlers and thieves.

Most people carry insurance on their homes, their cars, and their lives. Those who can afford it carry health insurance which extends to their immediate families. A majority of households have at least one fire extinguisher, and some people go so far as to install sprinkler systems. Other people keep weapons where they are handy, ranging from baseball bats to knives and guns.

The majority of families tries to choose the best neighborhoods they can afford, with the best school systems available to them (some even lie about their address to get their kids into better schools). And some families search for homes in neighborhoods free of sexual predators. In some cases, people will take out restraining orders against individuals who might bring them harm, or take their children out of abusive home situations for their protection.

We do these things and more in order to keep our loved ones safe and happy. These acts range from simple tasks to extreme measures. And yet, at least one third of the heads of household in America still keep their money in corporate banks, which pick-pocket them on a monthly basis. They go through all sorts of measures to ensure that their families are protected from a world full of ills, yet they hand their security over to the banks. This makes no earthly sense to me.

You know by now that the banks are run by white collar criminals. You know that they scheme to pilfer money from your account, robbing you of your full earning potential and robbing your family of its future. Think of what you might have done with the money the bank has taken from you in fees in the last year. While it may not have been enough to pay for your child’s education, it might have been enough to buy all of their textbooks for the year. Or a trip to Disneyland. Or a trip anywhere for that matter. A car payment. A new TV. A family meal at a nice restaurant. An emergency room visit. The list can go on, but the point is that these things have been stolen from you and your family by the banks. And you not only let them steal from you, you give them permission to. So much for protecting your family.

One of the main reasons given by people for not moving their money is that it’s ‘too much work’. Really? It’s more work than, say, searching for a home in a safe neighborhood? Or buying a gun? Or enrolling your child in a private school? Really?

The truth is: taking your money away from the bank is easier than replacing window and door locks. And yet I don’t see the point of putting locks on your house, or your car, or your bicycle if you’re going to just hand your money over to thieves anyway. Aren’t you wasting your money buying locks? Might as well just give away everything you own if protecting your family from the theft of your prosperity is so meaningless to you.

Protecting your money is protecting your family. It is protecting their future. It is making the best use of your earned income. Once the bank has pulled its hand from your pocket that money is GONE… never to be seen by you or your family again. And with it go your dreams, desires, and slices of life, to be replaced by longing and loss... and extra work to make up for that loss. And the guy who runs the bank is living large on your loss and the losses of millions of other customers.

If you really want to protect your family, stop giving your money to thieves. Take 30 minutes to move your money away from those corporate banks and deposit it into a community bank or credit union. Put that project on the same level of urgency as installing smoke detectors in your home. And do it soon. You don’t want to be the last in line to close your account, because the bank won't be able to cover everyone’s withdrawals if it comes to that. Do what you need to do to bring security to your home and your loved ones. It’s your money, security and future. Move it, or lose it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Want more info?

Check out my friend's blog: Fighting 4 Democracy One Link at a Time. His is a clearing house of various blogs and assorted info pertinent to the taking back of our country from the villains on Wall Street and in Washington. Great info to be had!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Cards That Really Pay You Back

Nevermind Discover. Forget about "miles." How would you like a credit card that REALLY paid you back?

It’s part of my plan to revitalize Social Security. While the President and the Congress bicker back and forth about cutting education budgets and disemboweling Social Security, I’ve come up with a plan that will not only reinfuse Social Security with funds, but also take away the need for Washington to bicker over it. The plan is simple.

Step 1: Congress will create a new holding account for Social Security. They should name it Social Security 2.0, and write into the provisions of Social Security 2.0 that all monies collected and deposited remain in holding, except to be distributed to Social Security recipients, and ONLY Social Security recipients; all other government agencies or entities will be prohibited from ever having access to that money.

Step 2: Implement a new “operating fee” to be imposed upon the credit card industry, whereby 1% of each credit card company’s quarterly profits are given over to Social Security 2.0

Here’s how it will work:
A) The public will continue to pay into the existing Social Security program, and the Government will continue using that money as it pleases.

B) The credit card companies will then pay their operating fee into the Social Security 2.0 fund, effectively replacing the money the Government has used, and will continue to use, from the original Social Security.

C) All recipients of Social Security benefits will be paid from the SS2.0 fund.

This means the following: Every swipe of a credit card and every single online purchase will benefit the American public. As the Social Security 2.0 fund increases, those who have paid into Social Security will be able to be compensated for the actual amount paid in, not just a percentage. The Government will get to use the money we working people pay into Original Social Security (SS1), and ultimately the credit card companies will be paying us back for the money the Government has “borrowed”.

This, of course, may mean that the credit card companies will want to raise their fees and increase their percentage rates. Consider that the Operating Fee is a percentage taken from their profits - therefore the more money they take in, the more money they have to pay out. There will be no loopholes for them to skate through.

Pretty slick, huh?

With that in mind comes part 2 of the plan… how to ensure the subsidization of Public Education – which as we all know is again on the chopping block in Washington. Simple answer… require the same 1% operating fee of the corporate banks. The Government will charge the banks a 1% fee on their quarterly earnings, which then goes into another protected fund reserved exclusively for Public Education. From this fund, the nation can raise the standard of education, build new schools where needed, outfit classrooms with necessary technologies, implement better and healthier lunch programs, and much more.

The nation’s banks and credit card companies have taken so much from the American people. We've bailed them out without so much as a "thank you" in return. Perhaps that's because they didn't need as much bailing out as they claimed. And they keep inventing new ways to purloin our money. Well, through this plan, they will finally be giving back to America – no doubt begrudgingly – and helping to get this nation back on track as a global leader.

If you are in support of this idea, please sign the petition to get this before Congress. We need a minimum of 50 signatures, so please pass this around to your friends and family!

Here's the link: Save Social Security and Public Education