Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Welcome to my blog.

I'd like you to think of this as more than just a blog. I'd like you to think of it as a call to action, an inspiration to engage in creating some much-needed change in America. Think of this space as a home for ideas and a fountain of support if the financial industries in our country have left you feeling powerless and without hope.

You are not alone. More Americans than ever feel trapped by their banks and credit card companies - organizations which have redistributed your hard-earned income to create extreme wealth for a select few. These corporations have devised plans to rob you of every possible dollar they can and shame you into feeling guilty for not abiding by their rules and regulations. They have also robbed you of the knowledge that YOU are the one who holds the power over them. It's been a systematic plan executed over several decades. But as with all policies involving unrestricted greed, this plan has finally reached its point of failure. And all it needs is YOU to help topple the corrupt system and restore the balance.

What AMERICANS DEMANDING CHANGE NOW seeks to do is to restore the balance through peaceful yet effective demonstrations. We are not going to ask you to assemble in groups, participate in sit-ins or engage in any other activity that would take time away from your normal schedule. What we ARE going to ask you to do is simply take back control of your money. It is something so remarkably simple to do, and by doing it we can send a powerful message to the leaders of the financial industries that we are no longer going to accept the abuses and the thanklessness as part of our relationships with them.

We shall begin our project with a simple coordinated action against Bank Of America. Why BofA? Well, BofA is at the center of a number of controversies and scandals, all of which they have created through their heavy-handed policies and abusive/deceptive customer service practices. They've bitten too many of the hands that feed them, and, well, since they are already in the limelight as a result of their bad behavior, they make a much more delicious target at this time.

This is not to say that you, as an account holder at any of the nation's other major banks (Wells Fargo, Citicorp, etc.) cannot follow our lead and protest at your banks at the same time. In fact, that may do even more good towards our cause. Immediately after we finish our protests against BofA we shall move on to similar protests against the Visa corporation and the credit card industry as a whole.

Remember, there is strength in numbers and the only way that we will have our efforts rewarded and institute change within these industries is by acting together. Never before have the banking and credit card industries left themselves so wide open for revolt. We must act as if we are an army and focus on our target together so that together, as one, we can make the change occur and restore the balance.

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