Monday, April 26, 2010

Congress Fails Us Again!

My Fellow Americans, Congress has once again let us down by not passing the bank reform bill. No surprises there. Haven't I been telling you all along that Congress is so heavily influenced by Wall Street that they would be incapable of standing up against the banks and legislating in our favor?

THIS IS WHY WE MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY and stop expecting politicians to do what is necessary for us. OUR PLAN CANNOT FAIL if we act together. Money - OUR MONEY - is our only voice against Wall Street. Money is the only language those people understand. Therefore we must take our money away from the banks until they VOLUNTARILY change the criminal policies that caused our economy to tank. Because of PROC-7 they now know what they can do to win our confidence back. If they fail because of their own greed and stubbornness, then they fail. Boo hoo.

As a result of Congress stalling its bank reform bill (which is rather tame compared to the bill I would have written), the banks will still continue with "business as usual." Congress COULD have imposed a stop-gap measure that would have restricted banks from engaging in their riskiest behaviors until they could work out the finer points, but they didn't. The House and Senate have failed us once again. And the banks remain untouched, still able to continue poisoning our economy with bad deals, and still able to rape our pocketbooks for as long as it takes Congress to get over itself and get the job done. I don't see that day coming any time soon.

With each passing day the bank CEO's will get richer and We, the bank's customers, will get poorer. Let's show Congress how useless they are to us, and how real Americans get things done. Let's show the banks and Congress that WE MEAN BUSINESS. It's OUR money and we demand the banks use it in accordance with OUR rules, not theirs.

Now get out there and yank your funds from Bank of America. And don't forget the Proclamation...


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  2. Wow, thank you for the incredibly kind compliment! I hope you go far in criminal law!

  3. Good Morning, Mr. Adams
    I am still trying to figure out the bank issues of the days of Nicholas Biddle, Daniel Webster. Henry Clay & the earlier John Quincy Adams vs his nemesis - President Jackson. It appears to me that you are on Jackson's side against JQA who favored a National Bank to regulate our currency. Perhaps I misread you?

  4. Jim,

    Apples may not fall far from the tree, but they can roll quite a distance.

    If the People are diligent enough we need no such institution. It would fail us anyway, so long as the spineless bickering imbeciles who occupy the seats of Congress had anything to do with it.

    I am doing what I can to teach and inspire people about their forgotten power so that we as a culture can become more diligent and thereby less tolerant of those who prey on others.