Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Lie Called "Too Big To Fail"

Examining the banks is much like peeling a very rotten onion. Layer after layer gets stripped back only to expose more rot, more fiduciary fungus, more corruption. Common sense tells us that the rot is not limited to the outermost layers of the industry, but it emanates from the core. On the outside, everything looks more or less fine. The evidence of rot gets blacker the further into the onion we go.

As the nation and the world become exposed to the seemingly endless series of lies and corruption that have served as the backbone of the financial industry, the industry has tried to cover its ass with yet another lie... that of "Too Big To Fail." Ladies and gentlemen, there is no such thing as "too big to fail." TBTF is a four-word lie designed to fool you into believing that the banks are impervious to any outside forces. Lie, lie, lie.

Consider this: In 1912 the White Star Line promoted its most massive undertaking, the RMS Titanic, as "unsinkable" (another way to say "too big to fail"), yet sink she did at tremendous cost, not only in money but in human lives and English pride. Empires and regimes all throughout history, believed at the time to be "too big to fail," have toppled. Even our gigantic planet exists in a delicate balance. We know that disrupting the eco-system through deforestation and global warming can cause the planet to fail. And, one good-sized meteor in the right place can wipe out life as we know it simply by striking the earth.

So, that being the case, imagine the level of bombastic pretentiousness that must exist in the banking industry for them to believe that their thieving, their conniving, their lying, and their manipulations, have created an industry that is so gargantuan as to be infallible. Incidentally, "infallible" means "not liable to fail" - another way of saying "TBTF." So considering that the "infallible" banks are run by fallible and deeply flawed individuals, the promise of TBTF is nothing less than a marketing ploy. A lie. False advertising.

The lie is designed to keep you subservient to the banks. If you believe the lie, you will then believe that you are powerless in their presence. But that is far from the case. The power the banks have is the power of YOUR money, which they are more than happy to free you of. The more of YOUR money they have control over, the more they can - and will - push you around with it.

Also consider that the banks sit atop a gigantic tower of air. Not gold. Not fiat money. Air. They have bought, sold, loaned, traded, and gambled your money to the extent that it no longer exists except in promissory form. And this is why they want you to believe that they are too big to fail. Because if each of us came to our senses and demanded our money back they wouldn't have enough cash to satisfy the demand. And it would expose the lie of TBTF.

Well, my friends, that is exactly what I want you to do. I have worked to expose the lie of TBTF through this blog and my Facebook page. Now more people understand the idea that TBTF is a lie. But the lie of TBTF needs to be proved through action. And that's where you come in. If only one corporate bank were made to fail, the lie would be out in the open. It would be irrefutable. Concrete. Nobody would believe it ever again, just as nobody believes a ship, no matter what size, to be unsinkable. All we need to do is concentrate our efforts towards causing ONE bank to fail in the U.S. and we can make that happen by orchestrating a run on that bank.

I submit we make Bank of America our target. It is one of the nation's largest banks and it has earned a reputation for being one of the smarmiest, most corrupt banks in the world. It shouldn't be too tough to bring BofA to ruin. They've already given themselves more black eyes than they have eyes to blacken. By making them unstable, we will not only expose the lie of TBTF... we will also set an example for the other banks that the same could happen to them if they don't mend their ways. And THAT, my dear friends, is how we will enforce bank reform. NOT by waiting for Congress to do it. NOT by waiting for the President to do it. And certainly NOT by hoping the banks will reform themselves. As things stand, the greedy corporate banks won't change because there is no incentive to. As long as they have your money they will continue to do whatever they please, no matter how much verbal protest you wage against them.

I say let's give them the incentive. What have we got to lose?

On Friday, January 21, 2011, I am calling for a run on Bank of America. Between now and then, I need you to help get the word out to every last Bank of America customer you know to withdraw all (or a significant part) of your/their money from BofA and keep it out for a minimum of one month. Thirty days. That's not so bad, is it? To have control of every dollar you make for 30 days? Of course, you may open an account at a different bank, and to that end I encourage you to move your money to a Credit Union or maybe a small community bank rather than support yet another ogre in the banking industry.

I closed my BofA account back in May and I have been living blissfully bank-free since then. You can do it too. It's not only something you CAN do, it's something you SHOULD do. Dare I say it's your moral and civic obligation. By keeping your money in Bank of America you are silently enabling them to continue exploiting you and every other BofA customer. You are supporting them and their wrongful business practices. You are hurting yourself and others.

Do what is right. Join the BofA BankRun on January 21, 2011. Use your money as your voice of protest. Take it away from your abusers. And above all, EXPOSE THE LIE OF "Too Big To Fail!


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