Friday, February 12, 2010

Frontline: The Card Game

If you missed the PBS Frontline episode "The Card Game" I recommend you take some time to watch this very enlightening program. What amazes me most about the people interviewed is the smugness and sense of entitlement the executives in the credit card industry have when it comes to the sneaky ways they have devised to get wealthy off of OUR money. They are actually proud of the fact they created so many ways of swindling the less well-to-do in our nation (and the world) to make themselves rich.

This is definitely recommended watching!

Also, if there are any other ideas you think should be added to the Proclamation, let us hear them! What do you think is important enough to add? Write it here! And if your ideas are very important to you, please feel free to add them to your Proclamation using additional sheets. The more great ideas that are out there, the better an understanding the banks will know what we want and expect, and ultimately the better for us.

Go ahead... let those creative ideas flow!

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