Wednesday, February 3, 2010


You might be wondering why we should do something as drastic as pull our money out of the bank and leave a set of demands in its place when Congress has been putting together new rules for the banks to abide by. Well, here’s why. Congress is weak. It is corrupt and ineffective, and you can be guaranteed that nobody on Capitol Hill has the backbone to do what really has to be done to restore order to the failing and corrupt banking system. They threw money at the banks and now we’re back to the same old business as usual that brought this country to its knees.
When Congress fails the people – when it no longer serves the best interest of the citizens – it becomes the responsibility of the citizenry to take charge of the situation and do what needs to be done and which Congress cannot bring itself to do.

There is nothing wrong with taking your support away from a business that has shown you disrespect, has not earned your support, has treated you poorly, charges you excessively, or has engaged in risky and criminal activities involving your money. If it were any other business… your local butcher, your gym, your coffee shop… and you were treated with the same level of contempt, you would stop doing business with them, plain and simple. All we are doing is applying that same sensible principle to Bank of America, PLUS we are giving them a master list of things that they can (and must) do if we are to again do business with them.

BofA is one of the largest banks in the US. And it is one of the most aggressive when it comes to fees and other collection practices. They have more than set themselves up for this sort of protest. If Bank of America is forced to make changes to its policy to keep from going under from a rapid lack of support, the other banks will have to follow suit. We do not mind if you bank elsewhere and join in our protest by withdrawing your money from your bank (and giving the teller the "envelope"). That would be awesome. The more people on board the better!

An ocean doesn’t start out as an ocean. It grows by one drop of water at a time. You may feel that taking your money out of Bank of America won’t have much effect. And by yourself it won’t. But there are many thousands of BofA customers who are angry and dissatisfied with the bank, and plenty of other customers who would like to see these changes made not only at BofA but at the other giant corporate banks as well. If you agree with any or all of the demands outlined in the Proclamation and would like to see them implemented, go pull out your money and hand the teller the Proclamation. Also please contact everyone you know who is a BofA customer and inform them that there is a movement underway to turn the banking industry’s greed into gratitude and it needs their support. Send your friends links to this page. Make this thing go viral. And before you know it we’ll all be a part of an ocean of necessary change.

Simple. Just go to the bank and withdraw your money. There are three suggested plans as to how to go about this.

Before you go, print out a copy of the Proclamation and put it in an envelope. Write "For the District Manager" on the envelope. When you withdraw your money, politely thank the teller or customer service agent and then hand them the envelope. Take your money and walk out of the bank. It’s THAT simple! If you’d like, you may also comment on this page and tell us how it went.

Please do not use any abusive language or engage in an argument while in the bank. If the teller or agent asks why you are withdrawing your money simply tell them that the answers are all inside the envelope.

Here are the three plans for withdrawing your money. Choose the one that you think works best for you:

1) Withdraw all but $1.00 over your minimum balance. For example, if you have $1536.00 in your account and your minimum balance is $1,000 you will withdraw $535.00 leaving $1,001 in the account. This will help you avoid any minimum balance fees in the coming month(s). If the bank complies with our demands your account will be intact and awaiting your re-deposit. If the bank does not comply in the time allotted, return to the bank and close your account.

2) Withdraw all but $5.00 from your account. This will ensure you have an account through which you can cash checks if needed. You may also be fined a minimum balance fee if your account requires a minimum balance. If that happens it will be up to you whether you pay the bank that money or close out your account altogether. If you keep your account active you won’t need to open a new one (and order new checks, etc.) when the bank complies. And you probably will be able to afford to lose $5 if you choose to stiff the bank.

3) Close your account, lock, stock and barrel (as they say). If the bank decides to comply you can always go back at your leisure to open a new account. Or, you don’t have to. You might find a better financial institution simply by looking around.

In all cases, we ask that you deliver the Proclamation to your bank teller when you withdraw your money.

That’s up to you. You can deposit it into another bank. You can try banking with a Credit Union for a change. You can keep the money under your mattress or bury it in your back yard if that appeals to you… anyway, it’ll do you just as much good there as it currently does at BofA.
Once the bank complies, bring your money back to the bank as its reward for doing the right thing. Should the bank NOT comply with the 7 demands, kiss BofA goodbye and use your money to support a different bank or credit union.

Bank of America has already told you through its abusive actions that it does not REALLY want your business. So why is your money still there?

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