Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Is there a bank practice that is more harmful to a great percentage of its depositors than the $35 NSF charge? The bank uses the practice of processing transactions from greatest to smallest to increase the chances that this will create more NSF fees from small transactions which in turn will create a debt of hundreds of dollars against your account. You’ve heard of the $40 cup of coffee? Congress' new policies regarding NSF fees will not eliminate the $40 cup of coffee.

This plan will.

Demand number 2 is that the NSF fee for any transaction that causes, compounds or perpetuates an overdraft may only be as high as the amount overdrawn.

If the overdraft is $2.00 the NSF fee is $2.00. If the overdraft is $200.00 the NSF fee is $200.00, and so on.

The Bank may actually make more money this way, and the burden wouldn’t be so heavy for the Bank’s lower income depositors.

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