Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Nothing says ‘thank you’ to the people like giving something back to us as a means of showing gratitude for our assistance in helping you earn a profit.

Demand number 7 is that the Bank will pipeline 3.5 percent of its net profit back into the community to help those in need. Education, food, and shelter are three of the most needed services toward which the Bank could direct its relief fund. An additional 0.5%, and/or any funds left over from the 3.5%, may be used to support sporting games, plant trees, sponsor cultural events, and other less-essential causes.

These are to be charitable donations to the community. The bank may receive the appropriate advertising and it can write the donations off, but it may not be granted, possess, or assume any ownership or directorial activities of the charities or causes to which the money goes. The bank may NOT donate to any private cause or charity with which any of its upper executives and/or family members are involved financially, politically, socially, or otherwise.

Banks have done considerable damage to our economy. Bank of America has done more than its share. It is now time that the bank demonstrate its gratitude and good will by helping rebuild the communities it has allowed its greed to destroy.

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